I’m gonna clean out my old sites , so.. I need to move on for a while. This is just my temporary blog, and I’m gonna build the new one. But the problem is.. I’m still have’nt decided yet what kind of site would I have.

My old site has a bad story, it’s buggy, some irresponsible guy have used it for inappropriate thing.. like.. you know.. annoying spam, but it happens on blog, not in e-mail, specifically on blog comment. So.. when I was knew it, I decided to shut the comment down and decided to not to continue write on it.

After that, I make a plan to rebuild my site with the new one, but.. until now.. I haven’t decided which framework I’m gonna use . I’m considering between cakephp 1.2 RC and RoR (Ruby on Rail),and also between prototype js and jQuery (both are javascript framework). I’m used to work with cakephp 1.1 and prototype js, but I’m really interested to explore RoR and JQuery, for now.. I’m still reviewing all of that stuff and have been considering for the solution.


Should I turn away?


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