De Best

“We hope that this is the best thing for us” , “Maybe this is the best way for him/her/us” . Sounds familiar? yeah..  most people say something like that when a thing goes wrong, it’s a common sentence to encourage someone for non expected moment or result as a part of sympathy or… it’s another word to say.. “get over it.. you deserve it.. it’s no big deal, everybody got that.. ” . But.. whatever it’s mean by the speakers.. let’s take a deep look for the logical meaning of it.

From the longman dictionary, best means better than anything else or anyone else in quality, skill, etc..  Based on that meaning, in a logical structure, in order to say “the best” we need at least two thing comparable and have a measurement. And to make two thing or more comparable, we need facts for each thing so we can put a measurement to start a comparison. OK.. from that understanding.. “the best”  title is the result of the comparison of at least two comparable object with facts from each of them and a certain measurement

Then.. let’s put that logical understanding to the “life object”.. is it applicable? I don’t think so.. why? Let’s take an example from a life path object, something that we’ve known as a life choice, something that we meet almost every time in our life. We do understand that life choice is interpreted as a specific moment of someone’s life when they meet a two or more thing to decide that will determine a certain achievement of their life. From that definition, we can say that life path object has the basic element of “the best” title that we need, that is two or more comparable object. But.. unfortunately.. since we can not get facts for every object  because life choice basically is a single sequence irreversible act that wrapped in a virtual multiple selectable object, it’s mean.. nothing to measure and it’s also mean.. that we can ruled out this object from our criteria.

Choice in a life is a very unique moment where each of them have a specific effect for every level in a life sphere. In our common current understanding about our world (that world is a single instance, not run in parallel), life choice is merely a virtual selectable object, which is mean that we could never know what the actual outcome of the other choice that we did not select , in other word that we can not sure that the other choice is really selectable.

By that explanation, I would say that.. “the best” word is not applicable to a life choice object. However, we could still use that word in a life choice object by adding “possible” word in the life choice object, which is mean that we actually will be measuring and comparing a set of prediction fact, in other word.. we do the math an the statistic. This method is quite popular in a management world to measure the past decision in the name of management accountability.

By using “possible” word, actually we have two type available to compare, the process and the result. Why? because in life, math is hardly applicable to a complex situation, too many factor involved that two same process or method could have two completely  different result.  This case can be explained by using metaphor of live music streaming (without stop button or fast forward/backward button) and the equalizer. Let’s say that the streaming is a life moment, it’s one way and irreversible, and each of us has our own channel and frequency.  Then the equalizer is a tools, method, or a way to manage or control the stream so it’s fit with our preference, each time the music change (the moment change) we have to choose which configuration we will use to match our preference and to get the expected result.

Like the real method or process in a real life, we can have similar configuration with another people or we can have a unique configuration depend on our life preference. But practically we will have more than one configuration to handle diverse type of music. Since it is more than one object available, it is possible to compare them by using a fact sheet and statistic and by doing a simple math. And then we could put a “possible the best” label on one of configurations for every music we’ve got.

It’s different story for the result, even though we think that the configuration we’ve been select is the best for that music, still.. like the real life.. sometimes shit’s happen.. anomaly.. outlier.. under frequency.. over frequency.. miss lead.. etc.. then the result is not like what we expecting. And when that happen.. and we think that another option might be not gonna give a better or worse result.. then we realize that the result is something beyond our control.. then.. we start to realize that “the best” or even “possible the best ” label is non applicable to “the result”.

After all.. I could only say.. In this life.. we get what we get, no  more and no less, and we are all deserve what we’ve got, and “the best” label seems to be little bit of exaggeration because we know that nothing to compare and to say “this is better than any else”. But.. you can still use that word if you want to entertain your self, especially if you have done the best as you can think that you can.



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