Secret of Death

For centuries, people are trying to figure out the secret around the death, mummy, youth potion, cryogenic, and cloning is a few amongst many attempt to cheat the death itself. For me, I’m more curious about predicting my own death. Somehow, in my weirdest feeling, I have a this feeling that I’m not gonna live long enough, that my life will end in thirty something. I’m not sure how I got this feeling, but it’s been around and I don’t know why but somehow I couldn’t imagine myself live as an old man.

About a week ago, I had small fever, and when I was sleeping at that night, I saw my father and my best friend in my dream, I saw vividly their face even though they weren’t saying anything in that dream, they both already gone not long time ago. A couple days after that, I heard my father calling me in my dream, I didn’t see his face, but I heard his voice clearly, he called my name and I know it’s him calling me.

I can’t be so sure the meaning of this, it might be just nothing to something, or maybe I just miss them, that’s all. All I know for sure that I forgot to visit him last time I went back home. I’m planning to go back home next month, I might have to visit him after all.



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